Can You Afford Not To Pursue Career Training?

The job market is changing. It’s always evolving, but right now it’s going through rapid changes and you need to be able to keep up. Through 2020, there’s going to be 55 million new job openings, according to a recent study. There will be a lot of jobs available and if you hope to be one the people in those jobs, then you’ll need to pursue an education to qualify yourself for that type of work!

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Can You Afford Not To Get Trained?

Specialized career training, like the kind of job training we offer at Delta College, can help you to advance your overall education and your career prospects by honing your skills in a specific area that employers are looking for. If you do not want to work at entry-level jobs anymore, then career training may be the right fit for you! Taking classes at Delta College and getting trained in your career field could open numerous doors when it comes to employment, salary expectations, and benefits!

Financial Aid at Delta College

At Delta College, we work with each and every student to explore their financial aid options. We know that trying to grow in the workforce or find better work can be difficult, so we’ve worked to make career training more accessible by helping with financial aid. If you qualify for financial aid, we’ll help you to find it!

The first step in this process is coming in for an interview and filling out a FAFSA form. The information is readily available about all financial programs through Delta College or online and the process is very straight-forward.

The Price of Career Training

So, we’ve discussed the cost of not going to school. And how to cover the cost of going to school. The only thing left to discuss is the price of career training–no, not in terms of dollars, but in terms of time and effort. Depending on what program you choose at Delta College, you could be trained for a new career in less than a year! There’s really no excuse to not consider going to school. At least explore your options!

Delta College Can Help

The entire reason that Delta College exists is to help people train for careers in order to better their future. We want you to climb the ladder to professional success, and we’re here to help you up the first few steps!

Our financial aid team will work with you to get the process started. The caring and knowledgeable staffers want you to be able to pursue career training! We will assist you in applying for financial aid and answer questions about financial aid eligibility, status, loans, payback requirements, etc.

Some examples of financial aid that individuals who are considering attending Delta College could qualify for include:

  • TOPS
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
  • William D. Ford Direct Subsidized Loans
  • William D. Ford Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • William D. Ford Direct Parent Loan
  • And more.

If you’re interested in pursuing career training and you want to get help with your financial aid, contact the campus nearest to you!