The Delta College Application Process: What To Expect

Are you interested in applying to Delta College? You might be looking to start a new career or learn more about an exciting field. Whatever your motivation, you can get started in just a few steps. Here’s what to expect during the Delta College application process.

First Choice: Where?

Your first decision to make in the application process is where you’re going to study. It might be the easiest decision, as you can pick the school closest to where you live. Delta College has four locations: Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Slidell, and Covington. Each of our campuses has caring instructors, quality programs, and proven track records. Some more good news: there’s no entrance test!

Second Choice: What To Study?

Each of our campuses offers a different menu of programs. Each one is an excellent choice for students interested in healthcare careers. Learn more about our programs below and check out each campus to see what interests you.

    • Dental Assistant: Our dental assistant program prepares you for work in dental offices and clinics. The program provides you with the minimum requirements to sit for the National Registry Exam for Dental Assistants.
    • Medical Assistant: You’ll learn the clinical and administrative aspects of medical assisting. The program instructs students in lab and clinical skills. These include specimen collection, vital signs, and assisting with physical exams. You’ll also be trained in general medical office skills and medical bookkeeping.
    • Medical Office & Health Information Technician: This program trains you to work in front and back office positions in the healthcare field. Tasks include coding and billing, transcription, reception duties, and medical bookkeeping.
    • Practical Nursing (LPN): Delta College’s Practical Nursing classes prepare you to take the Louisiana Practical Nursing Exam. LPNs work directly with patients to take vitals and provide basic nursing care.


  • Graphic Design: Also in Baton Rouge, this program can put your creative skills to good use and could lead to a creative career in visual communications.


  • Pharmacy Technician: Got dreams of working in a pharmacy? Study at our Covington campus Pharmacy Technician students learn how to work with pharmacists and dispense medication.

Beginning Your Delta College Application

Once you decide where you want to go and what you want to study, it’s time to start your Delta College application! The Delta College admissions process has two goals. The first is for you to learn more to see if it’s the next right step for you. The second goal is for our admissions representative to ensure you’re ready to take on the studies.

To start, contact your campus to schedule an appointment. Once you’re on campus, check in with the receptionist. They’ll hand you a short sheet to fill out about your interest and background. Then, one of our caring and knowledgeable admissions counselors will meet with you. They’ll ask about your interests and goals and share information about your program of interest.

Financial Aid And Enrollment

If your interview with admissions goes well, you’ll then meet with a financial aid officer. They’ll review what aid you might qualify for and explain the tuition and payment process. They can also help you with the required paperwork. During your visit, you’ll even get to take a tour to see the classrooms, labs, and other facilities. While on campus, you’ll notice students wearing scrubs—two sets are included in your fees! You’ll wear a specific color depending on which program you’re in, so it’ll be easy to spot classmates.

Tour Delta College

After the tour, you’ll finish enrollment, make arrangements to pay tuition, and complete orientation. You’ll then be issued books and supplies and get classes scheduled to officially become a student! Ready to get started on your own Delta College application? Contact us! We look forward to helping you take your next step towards your new life.