What You Can Learn At Pharmacy Technician School

Our Pharmacy Technician School in Covington

Delta College has a pharmacy technician school in Covington which is well worth looking into. Our campus in Covington has a reputation of helping to train individuals in healthcare careers, nursing, and pharmacy technician careers.

Why would you be interested in attending a pharmacy technician school in Covington? Well, for one, we’re a local school. It is not some national school that has a little campus in town and does not care. We’re a school that’s involved in the local community. We have connections to local medical facilities, local organizations, and we care about local students.    

What Can You Learn At Pharmacy Technician School?

At Delta College’s pharmacy technician school in Covington, you can learn a number of skills that help to prepare you for a new career as a pharmacy technician. A pharmacy does not run on its own. Pharmacy technicians, sometimes called pharm techs, help to keep things running behind the counter in ways that most people do not understand. So what do they do?

  • Assist With Pharmacy Management
  • Handling Medications
  • One-On-One Customer Service
  • Communicating With Healthcare Professionals

Why Delta College?

Delta College in Covington has made a commitment to helping students train as pharmacy technicians. We want to help you to succeed. So, why Delta College? Because we offer:

  • Financial Aid For Those Who Qualify
  • Committed Instructors
  • Job Placement Services
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Convenient Start Dates
  • Easy Enrollment Processing
  • Local Campus
  • And more!

This is just the beginning. Our admissions staff works to ensure students have the best chance of taking charge of their lives and training for a successful career!

Contact Delta College in Covington

At Delta College, there are no waiting lists. You can work to make your future brighter right now by calling Delta College in Covington at (985) 892-6651 or filling out this form.