Learning About LPN Schools in Louisiana

Training to Become A Licensed Practical Nurse

A Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN for short, is a type of nurse that is increasingly in demand. They are entrusted with basic medical care responsibilities for patients in hospitals, doctors offices, and medical facilities all over Louisiana.

The duties of a licensed practical nurse in Louisiana are monitoring patients’ health, administering basic nursing care, providing for the basic comfort of the patients, discuss health care with patients and listening to their concerns, reporting patients’ status to registered nurses and doctors, and keeping accurate records on patient health. LPNs are an important, valued, part of the healthcare industry and an industry that is growing.

Delta College: LPN Schools in Louisiana

Delta College has four LPN schools in Louisiana. These schools stretch across the southeastern region of Louisiana. If you are interested, check out each campus’ page.

Delta College’s Licensed Practical Nursing Programs

  • Convenient Locations

Whether you are in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Covington, Slidell, or any of the nearby communities, there is a Delta College within driving distance.

  • Day or Night Classes

In Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Covington, licensed practical nursing students are able to choose between day or night classes. The Slidell campus offers day classes. If you want to complete your studies in just 16 months, attend the day classes and get on an accelerated schedule! Do you need to keep your day-job while you get through school? Take the night classes, which still only takes 24 months.

  • Job Placement

We also work with our graduates to help them find the work they are looking for as soon as possible. Our staff has experience with job placement and will work to help graduates get involved in the career they want.

Enrolling in LPN Schools in Louisiana

If you want to train to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Louisiana, contact Delta College. Email us at to find out more about our programs and how we can help you start new career training today.