What a Quality Pharmacy Technician School Can Do for You!

When you think about the huge number of people who depend on prescription medications each day, it gives you an idea of just how important pharmacies are to our communities. And, as a pharmacy technician, you could be a part of an industry that helps people live happier, healthier lives! Imagine waking up each day to a job with the potential to not just improve your life, but also the lives of others. With career training courses from Delta College, you could make it happen! Discover more about our pharmacy tech school near New Orleans. And learn about the excellent advantages they could bring to your life in as little as nine months!

How Quality Career Training Makes the Difference

Pharmacy technicians provide an invaluable service for other pharmacy professionals and the people they help. Because they play such an important role, high-quality career training is needed to ensure that the job is done right. At Delta College, we offer courses to give students the tools they need to succeed. Learn anatomy and physiology, how to prepare prescriptions, how to compound or mix medications, and much more! And, in addition to learning in the classroom, our pharmacy technician courses also feature an externship program. This gives students hands-on, real-world training to help them become fully prepared for a new career!

Our Program Could Help You Start Your New Career Sooner

Another great advantage of our pharmacy tech school near New Orleans is that you can complete your training in less time than you think! Unlike four-year college courses at universities, our students don’t spend valuable time taking classes they don’t need. Our program is instead focused on preparing students for a career in a very specific field. So students can receive quality training without all of the filler. In fact, you could complete the program in only nine months. Imagine it—you could be ready for a potentially life-changing new career in a matter of months!

Opening the Door to Future Opportunities

When you want to embark on a fulfilling career as a pharmacy technician, Delta College is ready to help you achieve your professional goals. But another great thing about becoming a pharmacy technician is that it could also lead to exciting career options in the future! The experience you gain as a pharmacy technician could prepare you for specialized roles later on, such as pharmacy technician supervisor and intravenous pharmacy technician, with additional training. So, the time you spend in our program and later in the field could open the door to even greater opportunities when you are ready.

Find a Quality Pharmacy Technician School Near New Orleans

Now that you know about all the excellent advantages Delta College’s pharmacy technician program can offer, it’s time to explore them for yourself. Take our Pharmacy Technician Readiness quiz to see how well this career could suit you. And, our staff are ready to answer any questions you may have. Simply call us 985-400-2623 or visit our contact page to learn more. Let us help you find your path to a potentially life-changing career!

Choosing A Career College Over University

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we need to take the next step toward our future. For some people, the next step is to go to a university and get their degree. But this isn’t always the case for everybody. In fact, some realize that a university just isn’t right for them—sometimes a little too late. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up, though. Often, they just need to look for alternatives in education. It requires taking a long, hard look at the type of career you want. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • Are you looking for a purpose in your future? 
  • Do you want to make a definite impact on people’s lives?
  • Are you ready to prove you have the skills it takes to have a successful career? 

If you answered yes to any of those, then a career college might be that important next step. You can also take our Career Readiness Quiz to know for sure!  Read on to discover why a career college like Delta College might be a better choice for you than a university!

Saving Time

One of the downsides of a university is the amount of time you spend studying for your degree! Most individuals spend around four or more years learning in their major. On the other hand, some of our programs at Delta College can be completed in as little as 7.5 months. Let’s look at the details.

Even our longest program is half the time of a four-year university program. Are you ready to begin your training at Delta College? 

Saving Money Now and in the Future

When you choose to go to a university, there’s a pretty big possibility that you can really rack up student debt. The average cost of attendance at an in-state public university is around $9,000 a year. Out of state tuition is around $25,000 a year. Those are average costs, so there’s a large possibility of greater fees, especially for private universities.

The tuition for our school is thousands of dollars less. This can be attributed to the shorter amount of time you’ll spend in school. Because you’ll be out of school faster, you can also begin making money sooner. And because you’re making money sooner, any student loans that you’ve taken out can be paid off quicker as well. 

Ready to Enroll in our Career College?

If you’re ready to make a change in your future, enroll in our Career College today. Delta College is ready to help you in any way we can. Remember to take our Career Readiness Quiz on our website to see if you’re ready to begin your training. If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call at (225) 407-4562. Our professionals are more than happy to help you make the choice that feels right for you.