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Considering Medical Assistant Programs in Baton Rouge? Learn How Delta College Can Give You the Advantage

Have you felt like there’s something missing from your life? For many people, the fact of the matter is that the work they do just isn’t satisfying. And it’s not helping them reach their full potential as professionals. But it’s important to remember that you are in control of your future, and you have the power to change it. If you are a caring person who enjoys helping others, wouldn’t you like a career where you can do just that? As a medical assistant, you could help others live healthier lives every day. And you could be the one who provides care and health services others depend on. At Delta College, we train students with the skills and knowledge to become valuable members of a healthcare team. If you have been considering medical assistant programs in Baton Rouge, learn why career training from Delta College may be the best choice. 

Embark on a New Career Path

When you want to do something that matters to yourself and others, a career in healthcare can help you achieve it. Medical assistants are a vital part of a healthcare team. And Delta College’s Medical Assistant program offers training to help you succeed. This includes:

  • Taking accurate vital signs
  • Performing injections
  • Assisting with physical exams
  • And much more!

Students also train in several important administrative skills, such as insurance billing and coding, medical office procedures, and medical bookkeeping. Our experienced instructors have prepared thousands of students for success in the medical field. And you can benefit from their experience and expertise as you pursue your passion as a healthcare professional.

Hands-On Training Experiences That Can Give You a Real Advantage

If you’ve been exploring medical assistant programs in Baton Rouge, you may have come across some programs that promise a speedy completion time. But some of these schools are not accredited, and they don’t offer the same value that training with Delta College can provide. For example, many unaccredited programs only offer 40 hours of externship opportunities. But this isn’t nearly enough to prepare most students for real world healthcare scenarios. While 40 hours may sound like a lot, it’s only equal to one week of work as a professional. Additionally, unaccredited schools don’t have the same standards in terms of student graduations, dropout, and placement rates.

With Delta College’s accredited Medical Assistant program, we go the extra mile to ensure our students are ready for success. Our program can be completed in 7.5 months with a four-day school week. And it also offers a 180-hour externship program equivalent to six weeks of actual experience in a healthcare setting. This additional time can help you familiarize yourself with the duties employers will expect while providing support to help you become a better medical assistant after graduation. In addition, this extra externship training time can help you stand out when it’s time to apply for a job.

Searching for Medical Assistant Programs in Baton Rouge? See What Delta College Could Offer You

Have you been considering medical assistant programs in Baton Rouge? If so, it’s time to experience the advantages of career training from Delta College for yourself! Call 225-407-4562 or get in touch with our admissions department to schedule a tour. And if you aren’t quite sure if you are ready for career training, be sure to take our Career Training Readiness Quiz! It can help you evaluate your personal goals and strengths to help you make the right decision about your future. 

Whatever you do, don’t waste another day, month, or year in a job you don’t love. You have the power to shape your own future. Let Delta College guide you toward a career you can be proud of today!