Nursing Schools in Baton Rouge

Looking For Nursing Programs

Delta College has a number of nursing programs in Southeastern Louisiana. If you are looking for nursing schools in Baton Rouge, then Delta College is worth reaching out to. We will do all that we can to accommodate your needs, including offering financial aid, job placement services, and offering a choice between day or night classes.

Researching Nursing Schools in Baton Rouge

If you are thinking of attending a nursing school in Baton Rouge, you should consider the options and do your research. Delta College has graduated numerous nursing students over the years and has multiple locations throughout the area well-suited to taking on new students. If you want to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Baton Rouge, look into Delta College.

Attending Delta College’s Nursing Program In Baton Rouge

  • Benefit From Qualified Instructors

The instructors at Delta College are experienced individuals who understand how to communicate with and educate students. Licensed Practical Nursing students benefit from instructors who are passionate and earnest in their efforts to help students to work their way through the program.

  • Get Financial Aid

We understand that financially, students often have concerns about how they are going to pay their tuition. We provide customers with access to financial aid programs. Additionally, TOPS covers tuition at Delta College as well.

  • Get Help Seeking Job Placement

Finding work can be challenging, especially from someone fresh out of school who has never held a nursing job before. We provide job placement services which help nursing students to find work quickly.

Enrolling in Nursing School in Baton Rouge

Do you want to join the Licensed Practical Nursing program in Baton Rouge? Contact Delta College at and find out how to get trained as a licensed practical nurse in 16 months through day-classes and only 24 months through night-classes.