What You’ll Learn in Pharmacy Technician School

Getting an Education

Every profession out there requires some kind of preparation. In fact, formal training often separates real careers from dead-end jobs. Much of the time, it involves education. For example, becoming a pharmacy technician is one of those careers. If you want to train to become a pharmacy technician, you need to go to a pharmacy technician school. In these classes, you’ll learn about anatomy, physiology, and other subjects. All this knowledge prepares you for the duties you’ll need in your future career.

Enrolling in Pharmacy Technician Classes

If you’re interested in pharmacy technician school, you’ve come to the right place. In Covington, check out Delta College’s pharmacy technician program. We offer qualified instructors, modern equipment, and hands-on training. Choose a new career path and change your life at Delta College! 

Our mission is to efficiently prepare students for a career that exists today. That’s why we offer a complete program you can finish in nine months, attending day classes only four days a week. You can complete the program quickly. That’s because it’s focused on the essential things students need to know. 

Delta College’s Pharmacy Technician School

  • Our Classes. Are you curious about the classes you’ll take at our pharmacy technician school? At Delta, course subjects include pharmacology, medical terminology, dosage calculations, anatomy, and more. Our program is comprehensive. That means it could prepare you with all the knowledge you need to become a pharmacy technician. Did you love taking science classes in high school? Have you always been interested in medical topics? Then we think you’ll enjoy these classes at Delta College!
  • Our Teachers. Our instructors are caring, committed, and competent. They all have at least four years of work experience in the subjects they teach. As a matter of fact, our average faculty member has been employed for five years. Therefore, they know exactly what it’s like to work in the pharmaceutical field. Having them as teachers means you’ll benefit from this valuable knowledge. You won’t just learn the subjects—you’ll learn how to put them into practice.
  • Gaining Experience. In addition to all the classroom learning, our program includes an externship. What’s an externship? Well, it’s an on-the-job learning experience. During externships, students gain hands-on knowledge and professional contacts. After all, most people learn best by doing.
  • Job Placement. Additionally, our commitment to your future doesn’t stop at graduation. We want to help you build your résumé and find a job. That’s why we also offer job placement assistance for students during—and after—the program.

Choosing Delta College

Are you ready to find out more about Delta College’s affordability? Or do you have more questions or need other information? See if Delta College is the right choice for your pharmacy technician training. Contact us to schedule a tour of our Covington campus. We’re excited to help you learn more about our pharmacy technician school.