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3 Reasons Why a Medical Office and Health Information Technician Career Can Be Life-Changing

Have you dreamed about a career in the healthcare field? Many people would like to be able to make a difference in their communities. But directly caring for patients is not for everyone. Some may not feel comfortable delivering direct care, such as giving injections and taking blood samples. But the healthcare field is vast and diverse. And there are exciting career opportunities for those who want to have an impact, but in a more traditional office setting. At Delta College, we prepare students to become tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. So, if you have been exploring careers in the healthcare field, you owe it to yourself to learn more about our medical billing and coding training program in Slidell!

Discover three reasons why a career as a medical office and health information technician can be life-changing. And find out how career training from Delta College could help you build your professional future.

1. You Can Become a Valuable Member of the Medical Field

As a medical office and health information technician, what you do matters. You can become a vital part of a team of healthcare professionals. Medical office and health information technicians ensure that medical facilities have the resources to take care of patients and employees alike. Without these services, most healthcare facilities would not be able to function. When you want a career that has a real, positive impact on the lives of others, medical billing and coding training could be the right choice for you.

2. You Could Enjoy a More Traditional Office Role

Being a healthcare professional doesn’t have to mean putting yourself on the frontlines of patient care. If you love the idea of working in an office but also have a passion for healthcare, a career as a billing and coding technician could help you enjoy both! Our medical billing and coding training program has helped Slidell students gain the skills to excel in the field. These skills include:

  • Medical/dental insurance coding & billing
  • Medical filing & records
  • Medical bookkeeping
  • And more!

As a professional in this role, you could have the chance to support yourself and your community each day.

3. The Difference of a New Career in the Medical Field

For those who may be coming from positions that pay the minimum wage, the income difference of a career as a medical office and health information technician can be incredible! This position is also growing at a rate of 9% from now until 2030. So, you can have confidence during your training knowing that you are preparing for a career path where opportunities are growing instead of shrinking.

Ready to See How Medical Billing and Coding Training in Slidell Could Shape Your Professional Future?

Are you ready to take charge of your professional future? If so, our medical billing and coding training program in Slidell could help you do it! Call our Slidell campus at 985-250-3078 or reach out to us online. Also, take our quick and easy 3-minute Medical Office Professional Career Training Readiness Quiz to assess your strengths. This short quiz can help you determine whether a career in healthcare could be the right choice for you. Take the first steps toward a brighter professional future today!