Delta College Graduates 20% of Practical Nurses in Louisiana

Delta College Graduates More Than 20% of LPNs in Louisiana

Once again, Delta College has graduated a large number of licensed practical nurses in Louisiana. In fact, the four campuses in southern Louisiana account for more than 20% of the LPN graduates in the entire state for the 2015-16 academic year.

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If that seems like a large number, that’s because it is. Delta College has been around for years so we refined how to provide training opportunities for students who want to become licensed practical nurses in Louisiana.

What It Takes To Become An LPN In Louisiana

In Louisiana, an individual can enroll in a nursing school like Delta College for as little as 16 months and train to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. They will need to pass a certification test, the NCLEX-PN, Licensed Practical Nursing exam. Delta College has designed classes around training students to become nurses and that includes certification prep work.

Delta College wants to ensure that our graduates are able to pass their certification. Then, they can become Licensed Practical Nurses. We are focused on providing positive opportunities for students. That is why our four campuses represent more than 20% of practical nursing graduates in Louisiana.

Why Delta College?

Delta College has been helping individuals to train to become nurses for decades now. The school has four locations, in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Slidell, and Covington. You will receive the benefits of enrolling in practical nursing school with Delta College no matter what campus you choose. So, what are those benefits?

Well, among other things a students have access to financial aid (if they qualify), smaller classrooms, hands-on learning, highly committed instructors, and affordable tuition. All of this is important but the real thing a student needs is the drive to make their life better. At Delta College, we provide the opportunity but it is the students who take the initiative to change their lives by training for a new career!

Join The Practical Nurses From Delta College

If you’re interested in joining the growing list of Licensed Practical Nurses who attended Delta College, we’re looking forward to helping you! Don’t know what school you want to attend? We look forward to telling you about why Delta College is a great opportunity for you. Contact us today!