Career Schools: An Alternative To Community College In Baton Rouge

Reach Your Goals And Be Your Best Self

A few years ago, the Huffington Post came up with a “How to Be Your Best Self” checklist. In it, the author talks a lot about setting and reaching goals. There’s been a lot of psychology research and articles on these topics. Have you started setting goals? Changing your life and becoming your best self might be too huge a goal, so try setting smaller, more attainable goals that are steps forward.  For example, so much of your life is dependent upon earning money, so what about finding not just a job you love, but a real CAREER. 

Are you ready to start looking for a career? Then your first step should be preparing for it. Therefore, a CAREER school—not just a community college in Baton Rouge—could be your best bet.    

Better Than Community College In Baton Rouge

How do career colleges and community colleges compare? It’s about efficiency! As their name hints, career schools prepare you for a CAREER. Real professionals teach your classes and focus on the skills and knowledge you need to know for the ACTUAL job. You won’t waste time with general education courses. That means you can graduate sooner. And finishing school faster means you could find a job faster! Start living your best life as soon as possible with Delta College

Find Your Best Self At Delta College 

There are literally more than a million posts on Instagram tagged with #BestSelf. Most are post-workout selfies, fancy makeup looks, or a moment of major relaxation. But these images—like most things on Instagram—are often fake and short-lived. To REALLY find your Best Self and make it something that lasts—start on the path to a new career at Delta College.  

Are you interested in joining the healthcare field? Or you dream of getting a nice office job? Either path could be a big upgrade from your shift work in the retail or fast food scene. A real career could offer a regular schedule, better salary, and even benefits such as health insurance, and retirement savings. Talk about your best working self! At our Baton Rouge campus, we offer the following programs

Are you not in Baton Rouge? Don’t worry. You can also attend Delta College in  Lafayette, Slidell, or Covington. Explore the programs offered at the campus nearest you! 

Choose The Best Choice For You

Choose a great career school—sometimes also called vocational school or trade school—with Delta College. Your future self will thank you! Ready to apply? Learn more about what to expect and get in touch with our admissions staff. Call us in Baton Rouge at (225) 928-7770 or contact us online. It’s our goal to help you reach YOUR goals! Let’s all start living our best lives today.

Change Your Life With A Career College Nearby You

Looking for a bit of a change in your life? A career college can bring the change you’re looking for with benefits you never imagined. After all, earning a new degree could lead to a new, rewarding career and a better lifestyle. But finding a career college NEARBY could allow you to change your life without having to leave your home, friends, and family. Learn more about how a career school near you can help you make YOUR life better. Take the next steps to begin bettering your life today! 

What Exactly IS A Career College?

In the first place, what is a career college? There are so many types of schools and colleges, how do you know what’s right for you? What should you expect from a career school? Compared to other types of schools, career schools (also called career colleges) focus on preparing you for CAREERS. 

Today, younger people are choosing their own paths to success. They are opting for education specifically tailored to their chosen careers for a sense of security after school. Unlike traditional colleges, you won’t have to take unrelated classes at a career college. We don’t want to waste your time! You’ll be learning exactly what you need to know for your desired profession—often from professionals who are actually working in the field. Additionally, you’ll also get into the job field faster and avoid potentially crushing student debt. 

How Can I Find A Career College Nearby? 

Just like in real estate, the most important three things about a career school could be location, location, and location. Attending a career college nearby could save you money as well as time. If you’re reading this, then you probably already Googled it. It’s how most people these days find answers to their questions! Finding a career college nearby can help you maintain the other aspects of your life. You can stay nearby to your family, your friends, and even your current job. (Pro tip: night classes are a great option if you’re already working during the day!) 

How to Find YOUR Career College. 

Finally, you should visit the campus! Schedule a tour to see in person the place you’ll be learning and preparing for a new career. That’ll make it even easier to imagine you starting your new life. You’ll also want to meet with an admissions officer to discover your qualifications and any financial aid you might be able to get. It’s also a great idea to see what other students have to say about their career college experience. Get all of the information you need to feel confident in your decision. 

Delta College: The Louisiana Career College Nearby YOU 

If you live in southeast Louisiana, it’s likely there’s a Delta College campus near you! Whether you’re off Interstate 10 or 12, we have you covered with our locations in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Covington, and Slidell. Find out more about their programs that could lead to a new, rewarding career. Then, take the next step and contact the campus nearby you today!