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Welcome to Delta College

Covington Campus

Delta College is dedicated to providing the finest of career training to all students in Covington and surrounding areas, enabling them to grow both personally and professionally with confidence, knowing they are well versed in their related fields of study. In pursuit of this goal, the Delta College in Covington seeks out qualified teachers and utilizes modern equipment and facilities. All of our instructors have years of training and hands-on job experience in their teaching fields. This gives our students an edge in learning the basics and competing in the current job market.

Our mission is to train students for careers that exist today. And to do that in a relatively short period of time.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of education which enables us to fulfill our mission is threefold: 1) to prepare students to assume a useful place in society and perform well in that place; hence, the objectives of qualified and employable graduates are of the utmost importance. 2) To offer, through a sincere concern on the part of educated and experienced teachers, the necessary tools of learning that will help to make the students’ future a success. 3) To assure all students and prospective students that, from the first contact to graduation, the relationship with all school officials will meet high standards of education and business ethics.

The primary objective of Delta College, Inc. is to offer education and training to prepare students for entry-level positions in the world of work. This objective is reached via short-term certificate, diploma and degree programs.