Practical Nursing Programs in Baton Rouge

Looking At Practical Nursing Programs in Baton Rouge?

That makes sense. Practical nursing is a great career with a promising future and it does not require a ridiculous amount of money or schooling to achieve. If you’re looking into practical nursing programs in Baton Rouge, Delta College offers a high quality option for you to choose. The Delta College LPN program can help.

Looking Into Delta College’s LPN Program

Delta College has a number of campuses in southeastern Louisiana, including in Baton Rouge. Our nursing program in Baton Rouge has graduated students who went on to become successful nurses. We’re so proud of our graduates and the role they play at medical facilities all over Baton Rouge.

Where Can An LPN Work?

Delta College understands that you want to get trained to start a career. So we work towards getting you real training. A licensed practical nurse is able to work in many settings, including health clinics, physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and even home health care at a patient’s house.

As an LPN, you’ll have certain responsibilities, so Delta College will train you to know how to monitor patients’ health, change bandages, insert catheters, draw blood, report patient status to other nurses and doctors, etc.

Why Choose Delta College’s Nursing Program in Baton Rouge?

Delta College offers a high quality educational environment for students that allows them to thrive. We want to give our students the best chance to graduate and begin their career by providing:

  • Quality Instructors
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Externship
  • Job Placement Assistance

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify and our program is also TOPS eligible, which means that many students can attend school at an even lower cost than they think.

Visit Delta College Or To Learn More

We know this is a big decision and we want you to be fully informed. That’s why we encourage you to ask us questions about the Delta College LPN program by calling (225) 928-7770 or scheduling a tour of the campus.