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Say goodbye to the dull jobs that don’t feed your passion, and sit down with patients who will appreciate you and your work.


We’re all well aware of how essential jobs in the medical field are nowadays. (And, alternatively, how rocky jobs in the service industry and retail can be.) If you want stability and a career where you can actually grow and be fulfilled, then look into training to become a medical assistant. As a medical assistant, you may have a higher earning potential, compared to a CNA or a CPT* and you can truly take care of people who rely on your skills. 



  • Is essential to today’s economy
  • Makes you feel fulfilled
  • Is a career on the rise
  • Helps improve the lives of others


*National Healthcareer Association

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Financial Aid Available for Those Who Qualify

Approximate Completion Time

Days – 7.5 months
Nights – 12 months

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The United States Bureau of Labor and statistics projects that the number of medical assistant positions will grow 19 percent from 2019 to 2029. This rate is recognized as much faster than average.