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Looking for a Career in Healthcare?

Due to recent events, many of us are making major life changes. If not for ourselves, then for someone else. Perhaps your neighbor decided to change career paths, or your parents made their hobby a career. But, for a lot of people, nursing school is next on their list. There are many reasons why students choose Delta College. But why? Discover some of the reasons why people choose our LPN school near Hammond and see why we’re the best choice for your education.

Why Choose To Be A Nurse?

There are a lot of reasons people choose to become a licensed practical nurse. However, everyone has their reasons. Take a look at a few we tend to see.

Making a Difference

The primary purpose of a nurse is to help people. Nurses play a major role in saving lives and increasing an individual’s quality of life. By choosing a career in nursing, you get to learn the skills to make a real difference in other people’s lives. 

Nurses spend their time performing some of the most important jobs in healthcare. For example, providing medication or changing bandages. Even something small has a big impact on the health of a patient. To continue, LPNs also spend their time doing some administrative work. This important work only further streamlines the efficiency and quality of work that patents have come to expect. Without nurses, doctors and patients would be lost. Becoming a nurse allows you to be an integral part of a team and make a real difference.

The Opportunity To Grow

A career in nursing offers endless growth opportunities to advance your career. There are many options for graduates of our LPN school near Hammond. You could choose to work in a doctor’s office, an urgent care, hospice, or even a hospital. That being said, you could also receive further education and become an RN. The world is your oyster!

Of course, these are only a few of the reasons people choose our LPN program near Hammond. Enroll and tell us why you’re choosing Delta.

Learn When and Where It Works for You 

We know you can’t pause your current life while you’re preparing for your future. That’s why Delta College offers our students both day and night classes. So, if you have to care of—or help teach—your kids during the day, you can still plan for your future too! Perhaps you have a day job and need to learn at night. Then our 24-month night program is perfect for you. 

Do you prefer a traditional day school schedule? Of course, that’s an available option, and you can complete it in as little as 16 months. Both programs offer the same high-quality instruction. What’s more, all four Delta College locations offer our LPN program. Basically, if you’re in southeast Louisiana, there’s a campus near you. 

Join our LPN School Near Hammond

Our Practical Nursing (LPN) Program has one major goal. And that is to prepare students to take and pass the Louisiana Practical Nursing Exam. From the moment you enroll, we’re focused on your graduation and future employment as a licensed practical nurse. In fact, Delta College’s practical nursing school has more graduates than any other institution in Louisiana. Come see why so many LPN nursing students choose to enroll at Delta College of Baton Rouge!

We’re currently offering virtual and in-person admission appointments. Contact us at the campus nearest you to begin your Delta experience.