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Why Take Billing And Coding Classes?

The Case For Classes 

Obviously, the point of taking billing And coding classes is to learn something. But how do you know if you’re learning something worthwhile? Choosing classes at a career college is a way to help make sure you’re using your time and money wisely! That’s because career colleges focus on one thing: your future CAREER! So what does that mean for you? You won’t be wasting time with nonessential electives! All of your classes are designed to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your new career. Medical billing and coding classes are no different. Discover where they can take you!   

Billing And Coding Classes: What’s The Deal?

In the spirit of taking career-focused classes, billing and coding classes are a great example. Billing and coding are essential skills for every medical facility. Billing and coding classes are part of the Medical Office and Health Information Technician program at Delta College. You can complete it in about 7.5 months and then use that knowledge to pursue a new career. 

Out Of The Classroom, Into A Career!

Daily job duties of a Medical Office and Health Information Technician can include: 

  • Reviewing patient records 
  • Organizing and maintaining data 
  • Tracking patient outcomes for quality assessment
  • Using medical classification software 
  • Assigning clinical codes for insurance reimbursement and data analysis
  • Electronically recording data 
  • Protecting patient confidentiality

What’s more, the median pay in the United States is more than $40,000 per year! That information comes straight from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also report that the job outlook is growing faster than average, which means your job search could be more fruitful than other careers! 

The Delta College Difference: Slidell, Baton Rouge, Covington, and Lafayette

Delta College has campuses in Slidell, Baton Rouge, Covington, and Lafayette. Due to the program’s importance, all of them offer the Medical Office and Health Information Technician program! (If you take it in Baton Rouge, evening classes are available too!) In addition to the quality instruction, Delta College offers students and graduates the following: 

  • Job Placement Assistance: Including résumé editing and interview practice! 
  • Affordable Tuition: Financial Aid available to those who qualify and Delta is also TOPS Tech Eligible
  • The Real Deal: Delta College is licensed by the LA Board of Regents and accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education

Start Your Classes—And Start Your Future! 

Contact the location most convenient for you to get started on your new career and your new future. Our Admissions team can walk you through the whole process and answer all your questions. You can tour the campus and see where you’ll be taking your medical billing and coding classes. You can also check us out on Facebook, and YouTube. We can’t wait to meet you and help you start this exciting new phase of your life!