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Are Medical Billing and Coding Classes Right for You?

Medical. Billing. Coding. Classes. You might know what all these words mean on their own, but what happens when you combine them? In as little as seven and a half months, these classes could lead you to a new and in-demand career! Medical billing and coding classes could be an option for you.

What Are Medical Billing and Coding Classes?

Medical billing and coding classes prepare students to work in doctors’ offices and hospitals. These classes teach the software and processes to document and code healthcare information. Below are a few questions to give you some more insight. See if you are the perfect fit to excel at them!

Love Technology?

If the word “coding” makes you think of Silicon Valley, you’re right! Medical billing and coding teach all about electronic health records (EHRs). You’ll learn to use the software, analyze electronic data, and adapt to new technology.

Interested in the Medical Field?

Love watching “Grey’s Anatomy?” Medical billing and coding classes can make you a part of that world. You won’t become Dr. Grey herself (who needs all that drama?) but you’ll have a front-row seat to all its excitement and opportunities. Medical coding ensures offices run smoothly and that patient information is accurate. The medical billing and coding classes at Delta College offer hands-on experience. You can learn how to work with doctors to make sure that records are correct and complete.

Are You Responsible and Organized?

Like most technology and medical classes, students work with many details and processes. Healthcare is a fast-paced environment with changing technology requiring quick-thinking and adaptability. Delta College can help prepare you for these workplaces with hands-on experience and classes taught by experienced practitioners.

Do You Want to Discover a New Career?

If you said “YES!” to any of the above questions, these classes might be the perfect fit—and they could lead you to a new career! At Delta College, medical billing and coding classes are a part of the  Medical Office and Health Information diploma, which you could obtain in just 7.5 months. Find this affordable program at all four Delta College locations. Schedule a tour at the one most convenient for you.

These classes can prepare you for certifications in Medical Office Administration, Medical Transcription, and Medical Billing and Coding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts medical records and health information employment will grow at a faster rate than most other fields over the coming years.

Save Your Seat in Medical Billing and Coding Classes

Delta College is licensed, accredited and approved to prepare students for new careers. Caring instructors offer hands-on classes a small and affordable setting. Check out the program details at our four campuses throughout south Louisiana. Contact the campus nearest you: