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Looking for LPN Night Classes?

We are constantly getting interest from students for night classes. People want to be able to keep their job during the day and go to school at night. This is admirable! If you’re interested in night classes, you’re showing that you care about your present and your future. LPN night classes are popular because there are many young professionals right now looking to go back to school to become nurses.


LPN Night Classes

Delta College is proud to be able to offer LPN night classes throughout southeastern Louisiana, in Covington, Lafayette, and Baton Rouge. At each of these campuses, we offer practical nursing night classes because we appreciate that students want to keep their job while training for a new career.

How Long Is LPN Night School?

It’s probably not as long as you think. In just 24 months or 2 years, you can train as a practical nurse in Louisiana. Is that amount of time worth it to embark on a new career as a nurse? Only you can answer that, but we’ve seen plenty of students who believe it’s worth it. If you’re interested in hearing from students who have graduated, check out our success stories.

Training to become a nurse doesn’t have to mean going without a day job. You can train for a new career while keeping your job. Delta College is Louisiana’s leading school for graduating practical nursing students, and it’s easy to see why. We place a focus on helping students get trained for a new career.

Why Delta College?

Delta College has been around for decades and has four different campuses in Southern Louisiana. It helps that we offer affordable tuition, small class sizes, committed instructors, on campuses that have state of the art equipment. If you’re considering becoming a nursing student in Louisiana, then come see our campus! Whichever one is closest to you, we’re happy to help you find your way to some training that can advance your career.

Contact Delta College

Whether you’re in Slidell, Covington, Baton Rouge, or Lafayette, Delta College is close! Come tour the campus and hear about how financial aid could make your practical nursing experience not only useful to your future, but affordable.