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Why a Career College Could Be the Best Choice for Your Future

When it comes to choosing a career, you might feel like there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. After all, it’s important to be confident of such an important decision before taking those next steps toward your future! Some people choose to go to a four-year university. But that can take a lot of time and require large student loans before there’s even an opportunity to start a new career. However, there is another option that can help you avoid time and money problems associated with university programs. Delta College offers several career training programs to help you start sooner without worrying about eight semesters of tuition fees. From your first day as a student, your training starts and your journey to a rewarding new career begins. If you’ve been considering colleges in Lafayette and want to launch your career sooner, discover why Delta College could be the best choice.

Make a Living While Making a Difference

There are so many people searching for a career that lets them be a force for good in the world, and a career in the healthcare field is an excellent way to do it. Delta College is proud to help students reach their full potential as medical professionals. If you believe that a career in healthcare is your calling, our programs could help you follow your passion. We offer career training in several exciting fields, including:

Would you like a career where you directly help patients? Learn about our Dental Assistant and Practical Nursing programs to see if they may be the right fit for you.

Dental Assistant

Dental assistants work hand-in-hand with dentistry professionals to bring healthier smiles to their patients. This often includes caring for patients directly, including X-ray processing, assisting during procedures, and supporting patients who may be nervous. There are also some administrative aspects, such as keeping records and scheduling appointments, so it offers plenty of variety. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this position has a median pay of $41,180 per year and 7% anticipated job growth through 2029. Delta College’s Dental Assistant program can be completed in only 7 1/2 months. So, it’s also an excellent choice for those who want to begin a new career ASAP.

Practical Nursing

Our Practical Nurse (LPN) program is also an ideal choice for those who want a more direct role in helping others. Licensed practical nurses work closely with medical staff as well as patients to make communities healthier. And, another aspect of practical nursing, and what makes it such a great choice, is there’s a demand for the position. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this position will grow “faster than average” when compared to other jobs at a rate of 9% from now until 2029. For many, this kind of job security can be a huge motivator. With a national pay average of $48,820, it can be especially appealing to those seeking a higher income. One of the best parts is that the Delta College Practical Nursing program can be completed in only 16 months!

Searching for Colleges in Lafayette? Find Your Future With Delta College

In addition to our Practical Nurse and Dental Assistant programs, Delta College also offers exciting Medical Assistant and Medical Office and Health Information Technician programs for tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. To learn more about our career training courses as well as which one may be right for you, call us at (337) 326-4759 or contact us online. Or, take our Career Training Readiness Quiz! It can help you find your personal strengths to find the program that could suit you best. Don’t just dream about a new career, take the steps to make it happen today!