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Why Delta?

Why should you consider attending Delta College in Lafayette, LA? There are many reasons and we’re happy to explain why we are a good fit. We offer licensed practical nursing, dental assistant, medical office assistant, and medical assistant classes in Lafayette. More importantly, we offer ways for individuals to get trained for medical and healthcare careers. Delta College Dental Assistant School

Good Reputation

– Over 1/3 of our prospective students are referrals from former students, their friends or relatives and others in the community who recommended Delta.

Caring Instructors

– They CARE! That’s what many of our past students and graduates have to say about our instructors.

Competent Instructors

– All of our instructors have at least 4 years of work experience in the subjects they teach – real world skills for real world jobs.

Committed Instructors

– Our average faculty member has been employed for several years. A stable faculty helps to insure quality instruction and is evidence that our instructors enjoy teaching.

Great Majors

– We train for today’s “in-demand” career opportunities including programs in Practical Nursing, Medical Assistant, Medical Office Assistant, Dental Assistant, Graphic Design, Business Office Administration and Massage Therapy.

Job Placement Assistance

– Our goal is employed graduates! We work with all students during school and after graduation to help you find the job that’s right for you.


– are a part of many majors. During the final weeks of your training, you will apply your skills at a local business. Externships are great “real world” experience, are excellent employment references, and can even lead to job offers.

Certifications Available

– Many majors have opportunities to gain certifications associated with their training such as Certified Medical Assistant, Certified Medical Administrative Assistant, and Microsoft certifications in Word & Excel.

Small Classes

– Insuring personal attention.

Day or Evening Classes

– Many of our majors can be completed at night to accommodate your schedule.

Less Time

– Our programs are designed to provide the needed job skills in the shortest amount of time practical. Most of our programs are normally completed in 7 ½ months (12 months for the evening division).

4-Day School Week

– Most of our classes are conducted Monday through Thursday. This allows our students to take care of other responsibilities without missing classes.

Convenient Start Dates

– Most of our programs start every six weeks.

Easy Enrollment Process 

– All applicants receive personal assistance through an admissions representative to guide them through the admissions process.

Friendly, Helpful Administration

– All of us are committed to seeking the best for our students. Our goal is to have a positive impact on ever life we touch.

No Waiting List

– Even though our Practical Nursing program (LPN) has graduated more students than any other campus in the state since 2003, we have always been able to accommodate all qualified PN student candidates to date.

Good Location

– Delta campuses are situated in easily accessible areas from most parts of the cities and surrounding communities in which they are located.


– According to local law enforcement statistics our campuses are located in safe areas.


– One of the most affordable private schools in the area.

Financial Aid

– Financial Aid (including Pell Grants and Student Loans) are available to those who qualify. In addition, Delta students may take advantage of many other tuition assistance opportunities including WIA, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans Benefits, private tuition loans and college-administered payment plans.


– by the Louisiana Board of Regents.


– by the Council on Occupational Education (COE). COE is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.


– by the U.S. Department of Education and participate in Title IV Funding (Pell Grants and Student Loans).