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Practical Nurse Graduates

What I like the most about Delta is the firm hands in teaching. I love my new career. Healing wounds is such a blessing and I am thankful that I got the proper training to do the job well.
Received 5/26/2011 from AG, 2010 graduate

It was a hard program and strict rules, but now I realize it was all for the best; people lives are in your hands. Delta was a good environment and well respected school. I love what I do.
Received 5/23/2011 from BM, 2010 graduate

I love my job, very busy, but I enjoy it everyday. It was a very hard program, but at the same time it’s very rewarding when you finish. Teachers are very helpful and knowledgeable. I will come back anytime if I could further my career.
Received 5/3/2011 from EA, 2010 graduate

I love the atmosphere and the residents; everyday is a grateful experience. Delta helped me to control my attitude. My instruction gave the courage that I needed to make it to the finish line.
Received 4/29/2011 from SJ, 2011 graduate

Great teachers and clinical instructors! I could hear their voice when I took my test. I love my job.
Received 2/3/2011 from NP-H, 2005 graduate

I am currently a Medical records Nurse, and I love it. I am most thankful to Delta for the convenience of the availability of night courses and a great atmosphere.
Received 1/28/2011 from ML, 2005 graduate

I have been at my job for 5 years and very pleased. I liked the knowledge of the teachers and the set schedule; you knew when and where you had to be. Very organized.
Received 1/27/2011 from KW, 2005 graduate

Delta has an organized program, and really cared about your success. I have advanced me degree and is now an RN. I do like my job and the job security.
Received 1/27/2011 from MD, 20058 graduate

A nurse at an OB/GYN office; yes, I love my new job and happy with my new career. I mostly liked the night class.
Received 12/23/2010 from TS, 2010 graduate

I love my new job. I am glad I chose to return to school and get my education. Mostly, I like the opportunity of being able to work full time in the day and attend classes at night. I also like the inspirational saying posted throughout the school. The friendliness and helpfulness of your staff and teachers were awesome.
Received 12/17/2010 from VB, 2010 graduate

The entire staff at Delta is the best. What I like the most was having instructors that care so much about what I needed to learn. I am very pleased with my career. I can’t imagine being anything other than a nurse.
Received 11/30/2010 from CJ, 2007 graduate

I enjoyed night school and I enjoy my job.
Received 11/29/2010 from AB, 2010 graduate

I feel that I received a wonderful education at Delta. I liked the instructors and MW.
Received 11/25/2010 from DD, 2010 graduate

I love my job! My instructors were amazing. I felt completely prepared to begin working following graduation.
Received 11/22/2010 from AC, 2010 graduate

I enjoyed the relationship we gained with our instructors. They were always eager to help us and guide us with encouragement and guidance. I love my job. I have always wanted to be a cardiology nurse. I did a rotation while at Delta and was offered a job. Delta was amazing to me. They helped me get started in my career as a nurse. It prepared me to be a nurse and encouraged me to further my education.
Received 11/20/2010 from TW-J, 2010 graduate

The instructors were very good. They made sure we were prepared to go out on our own in the nursing field. Most of them were tough, but when I got my first nursing job; I was very thankful for their toughness, it was to my benefit. My job is wonderful, I really enjoy Geriatrics.
Received 11/20/2010 from JD-D, 2010 graduate

Currently, I’m working at a nursing home; each day is a new learning experience. I love my job. I am happy I learned so much in such a short time. I love how dedicated the instructors were and the one-on-one education that was provided. The instructors took pride in their work, and helped me to be prepared for the real world. Thanks you.
Received 11/19/2010 from RT, 2010 graduate

I am a floor nurse, and I love my job! I couldn’t be happier with my career. I enjoyed everything at Delta…even the hat. Are you going to be starting an RN program soon?
Received 11/16/2010 from LL, 2009 graduate

I enjoyed clinical. The amount of clinical and variety of fields exposed us to many disease processes and allowed me to better understand what is taught in class. I love my job, and am very happy with my career. I do plan to continue my career and become an RN.
Received 11/15/2010 from KC, 2010 graduate

I love my job and could not imagine being in another career. It’s the strength and will-power the instructors and staff gave to build the foundation that I have now.
Received 11/15/2010 from CG, 2007 graduate

Love my new job. I feel my training well prepared me for my new career and Delta is well respected in the medical community. The teachers and staff…the time they take to help you understand and keep it interesting; clinical instructors take the time to explain and make sure we are safe and skilled. Looking forward to Delta getting an RN program.
Received 11/15/2010 from MT, 3010 graduate

Yes, I like my job and I am pleased. The instructors and program was great and easy to follow.
Please get the RN program.
Received 11/14/2010 from TL, 2010 graduate

I love the fact that the teachers have the medical knowledge and experience to teach where it’s understandable. I also loved the fact that the teachers not only taught nursing skills, but they also stressed the importance of good bedside manner which helped me mature as a person. I like/loved every job since I became a nurse. That’s what makes me happy.
Received 11/14/2010 from SC, 2007 graduate

The structure, discipline, knowledge, and hands-on instruction instilled in these students prepared them for the working world.
Received 11/14/2010 from DB, 2006 graduate

I love my job! I like the instructors at Delta.
Received 11/12/2010 from BB, 2006 graduate

I am a floater nurse at my job and I love it. I have been employee of the month twice within four months. I liked how organized and well structured the program is; also how professional the instructors were.
Received 6/1/2010 from DD, 2009 graduate

The teachers encourage students to come together to help each other. My job requires basic nursing; prepping patients for surgery and also recovering patients after surgery and anesthesia.
Received 5/29/2010 from AG, 2009 graduate

I love being a nurse. I like that it was a smaller college to where you could talk to your teachers and they help you, and actually care if you pass to the next class.
Received 5/28/2010 from LC, 2008 graduate

I’m working as a PRN LPN, and I love it! I’m very pleased with my new career. I like the instructors; there are tough but great, and the flexible hours. I would recommend Delta College to anyone interested in a new career.
Received 4/11/2010 from PA, 2008 graduate

Attending Delta started out being a school and ended being a family. The instructor’s makes you give your all to better yourself, and this helps to build character and makes you want to continue to reach for the stars. I am in the process of applying to Excelsior College for an Associate Degree in Nursing; unless the RN program is getting ready to start at Delta.
Received 3/1/2010 from JS, 2008 graduate

My instructors were great, very informative and easy to get in touch with on days off. I love Home Health and being a single mom, I have flexibility! I also work part time on weekends. God is good. Thanks Delta!
Received 1/5/2010 from WY, 2004 graduate

The thing I liked most about Delta was the flexibility – evening classes can be switched to day classes at a certain point.
Received 7/22/2009 from RW, 2008 graduate

I loved the classes and teachers at Delta – especially Ms. R! I love my new job, and I wouldn’t trade this career for anything. I am so excited I had a chance to change my life. I am able to take care of my kids with no worries, and I have skills that will last a lifetime. I also have enrolled in RN school.
Received 7/2/2009 from HS, 2008 graduate

I appreciate lots about Delta – the length of the nursing program, the organization at the school, the location, the clinical sites, and the size of the classes. I am currently employed by RPH in LaPlace, where I work in the med/surg unit. I like my job and my coworkers. I am very pleased with my career as a nurse. I am also currently taking prerequisite courses toward obtaining my RN licensure.
Received 6/30/3009 from TF, 2006 graduate

Delta was more than just a school. Not only did they want and help you achieve graduation, but they also care about you years later and are willing to help with job placement. I’m a home health nurse. I love my job and career. I can’t say that I have felt as independent as I do now. It feels as if I have yet to work a day. I enjoy my job and it works great around my family. Thank you for helping me change my life!
Received 6/29/2009 from CB, 2006 graduate

I didn’t just like Delta, I actually loved Delta College. The instructors were caring, available, and willing to answer any question. The staff was encouraging and friendly. Delta College instilled discipline and responsibility in me. I learned a lot at Delta and I let proud of my career and school. I am very pleased with my career as a nurse. My life has changed. My income is great and I am proud of myself for my accomplishment. I’ve had the most changes for the better ever since I stepped foot onto Delta College’s grounds. I wish the LPN-RN track was ready – I want to be the first to enroll.
Received 6/29/2009 from SH, 2008 graduate

I appreciated the teachers and instructors who never gave up on me. The material was hard, but so worth going through. I am in a nursing position now, waiting to pass my boards so that I can get paid a nurses salary. I am enjoying learning and scheduling different procedures that I was taught and heard about in school at Delta. I really do miss Delta and the staff. I am daily encouraging the clerical staff at Digestive Health to call and talk with someone there so they also can go back for higher education.
Received 6/29/2009 from JS, 2008 graduate

The quality of my education was excellent, I felt prepared for my job. There are some aspects of my job that school cannot prepare you for, but I do love my job, especially my patients.
Received 4/20/2009 from JG, 2007 graduate

I loved the evening classes, knowledgeable and devoted instructors, student/teacher ratio, and personable atmosphere. I am very pleased with my career. I worked for one year in a surgical unit, and I am now enjoying my new office-setting occupation as I further my RN education. The highlight of my new job is assisting in daily outpatient surgeries. I will continue to recommend Delta College for educational needs.
Received 4/10/2009 from MA, 2007 graduate

The night school hours worked best for me and my family. I love my job, and I work for the greatest physician. It is rewarding at the end of the day when I have made a difference in someone’s life. Thanks to all my teachers. The information they gave me is invaluable.
Received 3/24/2009 from AV, 2007 graduate

I loved that Delta offered night classes. They had wonderful teachers. When I worked as a dental assistant, I fell in love with the medical aspect of the job. After three years I decided to better myself, but I could not afford to quit my job. Delta worked out well with my full time working schedule. I’m attending BRCC at night for my LPN to RN.
Received 1/8/2009 from JT, 2004 graduate

From the very first day, the instructors were honest, tough, and knowledgeable. I think their toughness created great nurses. I am very happy as an LPN, and I’m actually attending classes currently for my RN. It is very rewarding. I was promoted to office manager in 2007 which has also been rewarding. I have received several service excellence awards. I owe much credit to my instructor, Ms. M, for being so hard on our class. Her determination and class expectations made me a great nurse.
Received 12/30/2008 from AW, 2004 graduate

I liked my instructors’ knowledge and strict but fair teaching method. I also liked the flexible night hours because I had to work during the day hours. I work as a PRN LPN for an assisted living home, usually in various shifts ranging from 4 to 12 hours. I enjoy caring for the elderly the most. I am very pleased with my new career; my experience has taught me that I need to put myself in the residents’ shoes when they call for assistance. I have always wanted to be a nurse and I didn’t think it was possible due to fear to step out and try. Hats off to Delta for making my dream come true!
Received 12/30/2008 from PA, 2008 graduate

I appreciated the learning experience I received working with other nurses who were all new at this. Ms. V and Ms. A were wonderful teachers as well. I will attend Delta if they start an RN program, because I learned a lot.
Received 12/29/2008 from ME, 2004 graduate

I loved the convenience of education opportunities in the evening. I am very pleased with my new career in an after-hours clinic, primarily because it is recession-proof. I also like that my job allows me to interact with the public
Received 12/26/2008 from TL, 2004 graduate

I enjoyed how persistent the instructors were with us students; they took time with me when I didn’t understand something. I am always encouraging people to go to school there. Students had opportunities to talk with our instructors about anything; we learned a lot at Delta. I love my new job. I get to talk with the doctors a lot. I enjoy working with people, and I get to work at my own pace. It was a joy and a privilege to come to Delta. It was a great experience. Many times I think of the moments I shared with friends there, and I keep in contact with a few of them.
Received 12/22/2008 from PL, 2004 graduate

The instructors really cared about the students and wanted to help them succeed. I work at a nursing home, and I love what I do. I am very pleased with my new career, because it is very rewarding.
Received 12/21/2008 from AJ, 2008 graduate

The instructors were tough and hard in the classroom and in the clinical settings, but they were also caring and good-hearted outside the classroom and clinical settings. My education is credit to those instructors. I now work with elderly residents and with ventilator patients. I love my job; it is fulfilling to take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. I am very pleased with my new career and look forward to many more years working with the elderly. Thanks to Delta College, I have a promising career, not just an occupation or a job that most people take for granted.
Received 12/19/2008 from ST, 2004 graduate

I liked the friendliness of the staff and the teachers, and I appreciated that Delta offers night classes. I work now at a multi-specialty practice of about 80 physicians. I’ve been there 11 ½ years, so I must like it!
Received 12/18/2008 from AM, 2003 graduate

I liked the friends and togetherness at Delta. I work with MR patients and am very pleased with my job.
Received 8/10/2008 from BW, 2007 graduate

The thing I liked most about Delta was the clinical experience. At the time it was very hard and stressful, but looking back I can truly appreciate the standards that were expected of us. I am very grateful for the opportunity we had to visit many different facilities. It provided us with exposure to various settings. My job takes place in a PHP/CMHC. It allows me the opportunity to learn about mental health and how it affects a great portion of our society. My duties consist of patient education, administering medication, assisting the doctor, as well as other patient concerns.
Received 8/01/2008 from EW, 2007 graduate

I like my classmates and how the curriculum is set up. I like my new career, and am in a constant learning mode. I am learning new skills on a daily basis. My nursing knowledge and assessment skills are improving as well.
Received 7/11/2008 from TL, 2008 graduate

The teachers were very attentive and work with you if needed. They challenge you to be better than you expect. Of course, my classmates were a great support system. My job is very good; I just transitioned over to the LPN position. I get medical, surgical, and psych experience at the same time. I’m loving the experience.
Received 7/10/2008 from AJ, 2008 graduate

I liked meeting new people at Delta. I work in the ER of a Baton Rouge hospital. I enjoy being an important part of their hospital experience.
Received 7/10/2008 from RM, 2008 graduate

I liked making friends with my classmates, my teachers, and my instructors. I work at a nursing home. I love my job and my residents. I am very pleased with my new career. I’m very glad I attended DELTA!!
Received 7/10/2008 from SW, 2008 graduate

I liked the hours (night classes) and the instructors most at Delta. I enjoy working at Baton Rouge healthcare facility as a PRN nurse. It’s very rewarding and I’m very happy with my new career.
Received 7/10/2008 from PA, 2008 graduate

I liked most the closeness of my class and the instructors during my time at Delta. I like the way my instructors pushed us to do what they knew we had in us. I love my job, I love my residents, and they are satisfied with me.
Received 7/10/2008 from DS, 2008 graduate

The best part about Delta was the instructors that were willing to take out the time and have the patience to help those who really needed it. I am very pleased with my new career as a telemetry floor nurse. Thank you for all of the dedication and hard work that you have committed to giving the students.
Received 7/10/2008 from LH, 2008 graduate

The part I liked most about Delta was that the people who work there are always willing to help. I love my job because I get to spend more time getting to know my patients and their families. My residents at the job are friendly and always happy to see me when I come. I love my new career and wouldn’t trade it.
Received 7/10/2008 from KH, 2008 graduate

I liked the teachers at Delta. They did more than teach – they made me believe that I could be a great nurse. I’m a rehab nurse and I really love it. I am loving the flexibility of nursing.
Received 7/10/2008 from GE, 2007 graduate

The excellent educational background I received was the best part of Delta. It has been a great foundation for the future. I’m working helping people through very difficult times. I love my profession, and I love the education Delta afforded me.
Received 7/10/2008 from SF, 2007 graduate

I liked the helpfulness of all my instructors at Delta. When I am at work doing certain things, I can still hear their voices. That must mean I really learned something! J I am so pleased with being a nurse. I love what I do. I do have good days and bad, but overall I am satisfied with the career I have chosen. I appreciate everyone at Delta for everything.
Received 7/10/2008 from CJ, 2007 graduate

I liked the consistency and structure within Delta’s nursing program. I began as a neuro nurse in neurology at a Baton Rouge hospital, then moved to my home town and began working in case management as utilization review nurse. I do enjoy the work I do. I look forward to completing my RN and furthering my education.
Received 7/6/2008 from DA, 2007 graduate

The best things about Delta were the teachers, its size, the location, its convenience, and the Christian atmosphere. I like being an LPN in a surgical unit – it is very fast paced.
Received 6/18/2008 from MA, 2007 graduate

I loved the personal relationships I developed with the instructors. I wasn’t just a name or number; they really knew me and my learning styles. I love my job and career! Thanks Delta!
Received 6/13/2008 from JF, 2007 graduate

The teachers, especially in the classroom, were my favorite part of Delta. They were very caring and gave me a great education. The curriculum is one of the best. I work for a urologist – I love it. I also do private duty with a client who is total care. My third job is a drug treatment program. I enjoy them all and am continuing to learn.
Received 12/08/2007 from CB, 2007 graduate

Most of all, I liked the instructors I had at Delta. I also enjoyed each clinical experience. I feel that both the clinical experience and each instructor I encountered helped me be the dedicated and devoted nurse that I am today. I work in a nursing home and I couldn’t ask for a more fulfilling career.
Received 12/08/2007 from SC, 2007 graduate

The best thing at Delta are the teachers and how much they truly care, and of course clinical. I work at a nursing home and do agency work. I love being a nurse and being able to help others.
Received 11/29/2007 from JC, 2007 graduate

I absolutely loved my instructors. I love being a nurse. I was trained on my job by a Delta graduate. I know that I carry something from each of my instructors because when I’m doing things, I’ll think about who showed me how. I am glad I was led to Delta. I thank God for it. Thanks for everything!
Received 11/21/2007 from CJ, 2007 graduate

I was a transfer student with a bad experience at my previous school. Delta was a very motivational facility – even the secretary for the nursing program. I love my job. I work with a wonderful doctor. I would highly recommend Delta to anyone serious about their education.
Received 11/19/2007 from CB, 2006 graduate

I liked my clinical instructors the most. I love my career. I’m an OB/GYN nurse.
Received 11/16/2007 from CJ, 2007 graduate

I liked the personal attention I got from my instructors. I am pleased with my career as a nurse, but I do have goals to further my education and become an RN.
Received 11/16/2007 from DP, 2007 graduate

I loved my instructors. KB and IW had a very positive effect on my continuing education. I work at a local hospital as a pulmonologist.
Received 11/15/2007 from MM, 2007 graduate

Great education, great staff, great experience. I will always be thankful for Delta College – I actually miss going to school! I just accepted a position on a surgical unit. I feel very confident to start a new nursing career and continue my education thanks to Delta.
Received 11/02/2007 from MA, 2007 graduate

The classroom and clinical settings were very informative. The instructors gave all they had to get us ready for the real world. I work at a local hospital in med/surg and emergency room. I love my job.
Received 11/02/2007 from DH, 2007 graduate

Delta is located in the middle of the city and was easy to get to. I am working on a med-surg floor and love bedside nursing. I have learned different skills on the floor, but most of what I know and have learned, I learned at Delta. My clinicals taught me what it means to be a competent, confident, knowledgeable nurse. I felt very prepared going into my career with my background at Delta.
Received 11/02/2007 from JL, 2007 graduate

The teachers and curriculum were what I liked most about Delta. I love my new career! I have the best boss, wonderful workmates and great patients. (Delta – we need an RN program!)
Received 11/02/2007 from CM, 2007 graduate

I enjoyed my classmates and instructors. I like the fact that my class grew to love and understand one another. I am working in Internal Medicine. I enjoy working with a very knowledgeable physician who I feel is very caring and compassionate with his patients.
Received 11/02/2007 from OM, 2007 graduate