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Medical Office Assistant Graduates

I love my new job! My instructors were great especially MD; she’s very, very caring, understanding and knowledgeable. SH kept me on my toes, and I needed that.
Received 5/19/2011 from TT-T, 2010 graduate

The instructors were great! I am really please with my career.
Receives 4/30/2011 from JH, 2010 graduate

WORTH IT!!! My new found confidence gained from Delta is again…WORTH IT! I love dealing with patients and having a successful day of work. I love my teachers! The administration was always there for me as a great support system. I ‘m very excited to jumpstart my new career.
Received 3/24/2011 from AH, 2011graduate

Yes, I am very pleased with my career. The small classrooms made learning much more enjoyable and everyone was able to get one-on-one time. Delta College opened plenty of doors for me. I am back in school to get my Associated Degree in Healthcare Administration.
Received 11/19/2010 from SA, 2007 graduate

I love my job! I not only have a great opportunity for myself, but it put me in position to give Delta students the same opportunity that was given to me. SH was hard, but her commitment to the students motivated me to be the best and want the most.
Received 11/14/2010 from KJ, 2010 graduate

Currently, I am a Medical Billing and Coding Instructor/Campus Restart Coordinator; very challenging. What I liked mostly about Delta College was their professional teaching style, and instruction modules. I am very pleased with my career choice.
Received 11/12/2010 from CT, 2006 graduate

There are three things that I liked about Delta College. One, the easy enrollment process, and how smoothly everything went. Two, The curriculum that was taught really prepared me for the job (I am receiving my third promotion). Three, I really liked the warmth and encouragement that was given by the instructors. I love my job, and I even got to do my externship here. I started off in patient registration, then I moved to check out and now I am in the Psychology department and still seeking to advance further. Because the instructors encouraged me and I believed in myself, I am currently into my second program at Delta College as an LPN. You guys are great!
Received 7/2/2009 from SM, 2006 graduate

I loved the family atmosphere at Delta. Everyone was willing to help and the staff encouraged me to keep going. Currently I am seeking employment and getting my associate degree online.
Received 7/1/2009 from LM, 2008 graduate

The teachers and the people I met made Delta a good experience for me. I really love that you all at Delta College still would like to hear from graduates of Delta College. Thank you! I am proud to be Delta College family and alumni!
Received 6/30/2009 from MB, 2004 graduate

The small classes were more effective for one-on-one learning. I like my job – it’s a great medical setting. I am very pleased with my career, but I want more and am thinking about nursing school.
Received 3/30/2008 from SA, 2007 graduate

I liked the learning experience that I received while attending Delta.
Received 12/18/2008 from CM, 2004 graduate

At Delta, I liked the hands-on with the class work and the great teachers who were always willing to help you go forward in life. I love my job and have been employed since my extern. Thank you Delta and all the Delta teachers.
Received 6/20/2008 from KV, 2008 graduate

I liked the small setting and the caring staff most at Delta. Received 6/15/2008 from CW, 2007 graduate I loved the supportive atmosphere that helps you believe in your ability to achieve your goals. I love my job. It enables me to learn the medical/hospital field. The supervisors and team are very nice and professional. Great thanks to Ms. U for her computer classes!!!
Received 6/15/2008 from GM, 2008 graduate

The best things about Delta were the way the counselors were so eager to help me get into the college, the way the teachers were very detailed about our courses, and the class sizes (not too small or too big, but just the right size). I am the receptionist and billing and coding specialist at the office. I really enjoy my job because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I enjoy working with the children. I just want to thank everyone at Delta College for helping me pursue one of my goals.
Received 12/12/2007 from PP, 2007 graduate

What I liked the most about Delta College were the instructors. They were knowledgeable of the courses they were teaching. I am a certified Billing and Coding Specialist. I am very happy at what I am doing! I love it!!! I am very pleased with my new career. I am being utilized in hospital billing and coding. It is wonderful – you learn something new every day. I just want to thank the faculty and staff at Delta College for giving people like me hope and making dreams come true!
Received 11/27/2007 from TD, 2007 graduate