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Medical Assistant Graduates

My teachers were the best! The best! They helped me in so many ways; without them I don’t think I could have finished. BL-B was the most helpful and caring person. I am so thankful to have had her as my advisor, because she helped me put life and what’s important in perspective. I love my job. I am very pleased with the new career choice.
Received 4/30/11 from KP, 2010 graduate

What I like most about Delta College was the internship and my teachers; they were wonderful and inspiring. I work in a clinical setting at my job. We have the ENR and everything that I know I learned at Delta. I interned there and got hired on after extern. I love my job.
Received 4/29/2011 from VT, 2010 graduate

I like the way the teachers explained the information so that it was easy to catch on to, and didn’t go on until the students fully understood it. But, I really, really liked the hands-on and lab time we were given.
Received 11/19/2010 from KC, 2010 graduate

I like my job a lot. The people are very helpful and fun to work with. I got hired to be a Receptionist, but when they found out I was a Certified Medical Assistant; I got hired for both positions. I like how the teachers took the time out for student to learn and understand the materials. I started out at Delta for one thing and that was nursing. When things didn’t go the way I wanted, BL-B introduced me to the Med. Assist. Program and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I met great teachers and friends and finally realized that I can finish something in my life. Yes, I’m pleased, but still want to go back to school for nursing.
Received 11/14/2010 from TJ, 2009 graduate

I really like how Delta College strives to be involved with their students. They have a great reputation and that’s what drew me in. The teachers were fantastic and taught me more than I thought I could learn; Great experience. My great job keeps me very busy. Working at this office as an MA is helping me learn so much, and will be useful when I go to school for LPN soon!
Received 11/12/2010 from AF, 2010 graduate

The instructors were good teachers. They were fair, patient and understanding, and they helped those who worked hard to help themselves. I appreciate all the help from all the staff.
Received 11/12/10 from BH, 2010 graduate

I like SM and my classmates. I am pleased! I made the right choice.
Received 6/2/2010 from KD, 2009 graduate

I like how the how the teachers went the extra mile to make it possible for the students to learn. I like the way that Delta has made ways for many people and took a chance with many.
Received 5/22/2010 from JW, 2009 graduate

I like my job, it is very detailed.
Received 2/28/2010 from SJ, 2008 graduate

I like the teachers and the staff. I love my job! I work for a great doctor and I have great co-workers! I think Delta College has a great program.
Received 2/25/2010 from JC, 2008 graduate

I liked the one-on-one help that I got when I needed it. The teachers were there for you in every need or problem. Delta College was one of the best things I accomplished. Attending school here showed me that I don’t have to stop here – I can still take my career further and reach new heights. It also proves to my children that if I pushed myself to be successful they can too. Thanks Delta!
Received 7/7/2009 from SA, 2006 graduate

I liked all the classes at Delta. I love my job! I assist the physician with pap smears, EKGs, scheduling appointments, and much more. I’d love to go back to school.
Received 7/1/2009 from MN, 2006 graduate

My teacher was very thorough with all students, and the courses were challenging, but easy. I am really enjoying my job. I work in Pediatrics, and I look forward to going to work each day because I know I am aiding the well-being of children. My patients are getting to know me, and I like to see them smile and laugh when they see me. Thanks Delta! I couldn’t have done this without the encouragement of your staff!!
Received 1/4/2008 from AJ, 2008 graduate

I feel like I was able to learn better in the small group setting of the classes. It was like a family, and I didn’t feel embarrassed about asking any questions. I am a CMA/Medical Technician in Zachary. I love my job! I am learning new things every day.
Received 12/26/2008 from SM, 2004 graduate

I like how the teachers work closely with you. They are there for your every need. The teachers also take time out to actually get to know you; they spend time with you to find out what’s going on in your life. They also make sure you understand each lesson that is being taught.
Received 12/18/2008 from MC, 2004 graduate

I liked the instructors. Ms. F was an awesome teacher. She was very understanding to all of my classmates and my own difficulties. Ms. U is also a very good teacher. Ms. H really taught us well – she definitely helped prepare me for my job interview. I work at a medical office on Goodwood – we stay very busy. I work with another Delta graduate. I have thought about trying to find a job closer to home, but I LOVE what I’m doing here.
Received 11/17/2007 from SW, 2007 graduate

At Delta, I most enjoyed the experience of being well-educated by the instructors, the open door policy, the friendliness and most of all being treated as a person. I was hired as an EKG Tech. I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that I was taught at Delta College, it came in very handy. I am very pleased about the choice of school and my career.
Received 11/17/2007 from JB, 2007 graduate

SM was an awesome teacher. She taught me all that I know and use on a daily basis. Everyone at Delta wants you to succeed in a career – such a positive atmosphere. I love my job; I work for a local neurosurgeon. I plan to soon enroll in the LPN night program at Delta.
Received 11/15/2007 from MO, 2007 graduate

The teachers were what I liked most about Delta. I am a CMA, and I love my job.
Received 11/15/2007 from LJ, 2007 graduate