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Graphic Design Graduates

My experience at Delta College overall was fantastic. The teachers in the GD department are amazing mentors; they really love what they do and it shows. I enjoyed the flexibility of the classes, and was able to move at a faster pace than the course was set for.
Received 1/2/2011 from CD, 2010 graduate

I loved the small class sizes which made more hands-on teaching possible. Delta was very laid back and I never felt pressured. I never felt that I had to go to “school”, because it was fun and laid back. I love my new job and am very pleased.
Received 12/25/2008 from JY, 2003 graduate

I liked the way my teacher gave one-on-one advice any time it was needed. That was the best help to me at Delta. I started an internship, completed my hours, and was offered a job afterwards. I’ve been here since and am pleased with my job. My career is steadily growing.
Received 6/25/2008 from CM, 2007 graduate

Delta College was a great experience. I like the one on one instruction – this helped me tremendously. My instructors are top-notch. I am pleased with what I am doing currently and am pursuing further work.
Received 11/21/2007 from JA, 2007 graduate