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Dental Assistant Graduates

My instructor Dr. G, worked very well with me to understand the dental terms and procedures. I am currently a supervisor. Everything Dr. G taught me I use in my office; I can hear his voice telling me to make a good impression. I want to thank your staff for being very helpful in my career choice.
Received 4/29/2011 from LE, 2010 graduate

I loved all of it; the teachers and educating myself. However, I had to stop school to help take care of a family member that was terminally ill.
Received 11/13/2010 from AH-S, 2007 graduate

The people were great. I would recommend Delta to anyone interested in starting a career.
Received 11/12/10 from AS, 2010 graduate

I love Dr. G! He was very knowledgeable and very helpful through my entire time as a Delta student. I work as a Dental Assistant and really love it. Every staff member at Delta seemed to genuinely care about each student’s situation. They were all willing to go the extra mile to help us succeed. I thought that was awesome, because so many of us needed support and encouragement. I feel very confident about my career choice and could see myself doing it for a long time.
Received 6/20/2010 from AH, 2009 graduate

I love my jobs. I am an Office Manager and Head Assistant at my first job; and EDDA Assistant at my second job. The dedication of the staff helps each student improve his/her life. Thank you so much for helping me.
Received 3/1/2010 from LB, 2008 graduate

The employees at Delta were very easy-going and nice. I like my career a lot, and I am actually going to Southern University now to get my bachelor’s in Biology so I can soon apply to dental hygiene school.
Received 7/13/2009 from KA, 2006 graduate

I liked the atmosphere at Delta. Our classes were very hands on and personal. The teachers actually take the time to help you better understand the material. I love my job! I’m able to work with kids, which means there is never a dull moment! There is always a challenge or something new to learn, but at the end of the day, I am happy with my job! I didn’t know if I could find a career that fit and I actually enjoyed – I’m glad I went to Delta College.
Received 7/1/2009 from KB, 2008 graduate

What I liked the most about Delta was the faculty. The teachers taught me everything I know. It was hands on, and I really had fun – I loved it! I am so pleased with my job. I love it. I love my patients and they love me. I have learned so much. I assist with the dentist and also work in the lab. I have had the best time working at Denture Plus of LA and hope to remain here. It will be a year since I’ve been working here soon, and I’m looking forward to many more.
Received 7/1/2009 from DM, 2008 graduate

The classes are very informative, and everyone was very helpful, something like a family. My job now is awesome. I learn more and more every day, and I’ve decided to further my education and become a dental hygienist for this office as well as the head assistant.
Received 6/30/2009 from LB

I loved the small class sizes at Delta – they made it so much easier for me to learn, and if I needed one-on-one time I got it. I am a dental assistant, and I love my job. Every day is a learning experience. For some reason my favorite procedure is assisting with oral surgery. I take lots of x-rays, assist, and sterilize instruments. My job keeps me busy and there is never a dull moment. I am very pleased with my career and would not have seen myself being anything else but a dental assistant. Thank you Delta College!
Received 3/25/2009 from AS, 2007 graduate

The fact that we were able to have hands-on during class time was wonderful. I work now as a dental assistant in a great office. I’ve learned so much since I’ve been there and I’m still learning things. I do polishing on patients, x-rays, make temps for crowns, and chart impressions; I love it. I’m please with my career.
Received 3/24/2009 from KJ, 2008 graduate

Ms. S was very sweet and instructed each student as if he were her child. Her vast experience as well as teaching skills offered us students a superior education. Delta is a local and close-knit campus. I love my job and career. Even if you are not 100% happy with your co-workers or bill, your clientele and patients will grant you that fulfilling satisfaction. They help you feel good about your services and quality. Delta’s externship program is a more than perfect opportunity for students to gain valuable information of this career as well as gain valuable experience. You can also be asked to join the site’s crew if you work hard and are optimistic.
Received 3/24/2009 from KT, 2007 graduate

Delta offers hands-on training with a doctor and patients, helping you learn better. I love my new job. I like who I work for, who I work with, and I like being a Dental Assistant. Next month I am going to the School of Dentistry in New Orleans to become EDDA certified. My employer paid for my class.
Received 6/22/2008 from MS, 2007 graduate

Ms. S is a very experienced teacher. It is a great honor and asset to your school to have her as an instructor. She has a lot of knowledge to share. Having such a great teacher and a class of less than 20 people was an awesome learning experience. I am a Dental Assistant in my new office. Away from specialty fields such as root canals and extractions, I am extending my horizons to learning resins, crown and bridge work, and our specialty, TMJ/sleep apnea problems. Our Dr. is a naturalist, so we use no metals in fillings, crowns, or bridges, and we only use bio-compatible materials for your body. We also can complete an entire mouth in two five-hour morning appointments!!! It is important for students to take their externship extremely seriously. My work ethic at my previous jobs tremendously aided me in landing the dream job that I have today. Offices want people with experience – get your experience and make an impression.
Received 6/13/2008 from KT, 2008 graduate

Everyone at Delta showed interest in making sure we had what we needed, whether business or personal. I love my place of employment; it has a very pleasant work environment. Everyone is very helpful in the office, and I have and continue to learn a lot.
Received 6/12/2008 from KJ, 2008 graduate

The enrollment people were so helpful and nice, and the teacher was encouraging and helpful with any problems you have. I like being a Dental Assistant.
Received 11/26/2007 from LW, 2008 graduate

I liked my teacher, Ms. CS, and the friends I made while I was at Delta.
Received 11/17/2007 from MI, 2006 graduate

I liked the location, class hours and classroom experience at Delta. I very much enjoy my job. I work for an endodontist and find it fascinating. I look forward to a long lasting career in this profession.
Received 11/16/2007 from KT, 2007 graduate

The small class made it so much easier for me to learn because if I didn’t understand something, my teacher would take time to explain it until I fully understood. I am a Dental Assistant in Baker and was hired two days after graduation. I love working here because we get our work done, but we also have fun. This career is something I’ve wanted my whole life. Thank you Delta College for making my dream come true.
Received 11/15/2007 from AS, 2007 graduate