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Business Office Administration Graduates

I enjoyed the convenience of smaller class sizes, and the hands-on training. Upon graduation, I was promoted to a TAC officer and given a raise. I love my job, and I look forward to the future.
Received 5/25/2010 from JM, 2009 graduate

The teachers were great, and I like everything about Delta College.
Received 5/26/2010 from AJ, 2009 graduate

I liked that morning and afternoon classes were both available. I also liked the flexibility at Delta – I was already employed, and they worked around my work schedule. I like my job because it is very challenging. I am pleased with my career because there are always new things I get to learn.
Received 12/18/2009 from VB, 2004 graduate

I appreciated that the teachers really made sure we knew what we were learning. I work now scheduling doctor appointments for twenty-three doctors. I also translate in Spanish when they need me to. I like my job a lot, and I am very pleased with my new career.
Received 12/18/2008 from JO, 2008 graduate