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Why Delta College Graduates More Students Than Other Nursing Schools in Baton Rouge

Delta College is well known in the Baton Rouge area as a nursing school. We have lots of other programs, but nursing is one of the oldest and most well-attended. Our nursing program is well-established and there are, nurses employed all over southern Louisiana who graduated from Delta College. It’s something we are particularly proud of.

Why Delta College?

How did Delta College graduate more students than other nursing schools in Baton Rouge? It started with our history of success. Graduates from Delta College nursing school work in hospitals, medical facilities, clinics, and doctor’s offices all over the Baton Rouge area and beyond.

We not only enroll a lot of students but have graduated the most nursing students in Louisiana for several years in a row. That means students progress through our program successfully. We give them the tools they need in order to be successful and the rest is up to them.

Choose Us Over Other Nursing Schools in Baton Rouge

The Baton Rouge campus of Delta College is conveniently located and offers a state of the art program that gives you every opportunity for career training success. Why would you want to go to Delta College? For one thing, you could finish your nursing program in just 16 months! Or, if you choose to attend nursing night school, as few as 24 months! If you’re ready to train for a career, get started now! As a result of starting sooner, you can finish sooner.

How To Start At Delta

Delta College makes it simple to start the admissions process. We want to ensure that someone who is interested in changing their life by getting career training is able to start as soon as possible!

Don’t wait, hoping for a career to fall in your life. Get out there and work for it to improve your life. Train for a new career in just over a year!