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Delta College Graduate Hired by Innovative Medicine with Dr. John Barton

Delta College medical assistant graduate, Kathryn Doss, completed her externship at Innovative Medicine in Slidell, Louisiana and found herself with a job shortly after. Dr. John Barton and his staff at Innovative Medicine hired Doss immediately upon completion of her externship stating Doss was one of the best extern students to ever work for them.

An excellent externship site, Innovative Medicine uses one or two medical assistant/medical office assistant externship students every six weeks. The students practice the skills learned at Delta College in an environment that allows them to grow in confidence as they learn from the staff at Innovative Medicine.

Doss explained Innovative Medicine hired her despite originally saying they would not be hiring. She worked hard hoping only for a strong reference to place on her resume. She gave it her best and the reward far surpassed her expectations.

Doss spoke to Delta College professional development students and urged students to show respect while on externship sites. “Say ‘Yes, Ma’am’ and ‘Yes, Sir’… and use your best manners.” She stressed the importance of presenting yourself in a respectful manner. “If you respect them, they respect you.”

She advised students not to see their externships as free labor for the externship site, but explained the knowledge you gain from completing an externship is pay in itself. “…You are getting paid with experience and gaining valuable knowledge.”

Doss took her certification exam on July 25, 2014, and passed with a high score. She is now a certified medical assistant with a diploma and a job!

Congratulations to Kathryn Doss!