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How Choosing a Career College Can Make the Most Sense

Have you been feeling trapped in a job that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere? Many people enter service jobs in the food and retail industries thinking it will just be a temporary solution to help them pay the rent. But, many months and even years later they may find themselves still working at the same place or in the same industry. If you seem to be stuck in this cycle, remember that you have the power to make a change in your life. And, if you want to embark on a new career, you have options. Delta College trains students in Slidell with the skills they need to succeed as professionals in several industries, including healthcare. Discover how Delta College prepares students for several rewarding careers, and learn why our programs can make the most sense for aspiring professionals. 

Not All Colleges Are the Same

When you want more than just a paycheck, you owe it to yourself to see how career training from Delta College could help you on your professional journey. For many, spending several years studying at university while taking out huge student loans isn’t the best choice. Thankfully, career colleges such as Delta College in Slidell can offer a more affordable, faster option. But, not all career colleges are the same, and some can offer benefits others can’t. 

For example, some other career colleges offer medical assistant and dental assistant programs, but the programs are not accredited. These programs may take 100 hours or less to complete with externships at around 40 hours. Although this might sound like the quick solution many seek, these programs may not deliver the opportunities they would expect. Unless the school itself excels at placement, many graduates of this type of program experience a significantly smaller chance of getting a position unless they present well. And, since these schools are not accredited, they are essentially not responsible for graduation, dropout, and placement rates. This could give them less reason to dedicate themselves to the success of their students.

Career Training That Helps You Reach Your Potential

However, Delta College takes a different approach to career training. As an accredited career training college, our medical assistant and dental assistant programs offer 180 hours of externship experience. This gives students ample experience in real-world settings to prepare them for their careers. Additionally, this extra time spent gaining experience can help a student stand out from the competition when it’s time to apply for a job. These advantages are real, and they are definitely worth considering when your goal is to become a professional in the medical field.

Ready to Explore the Benefits of Our Career College in Slidell?

For many, learning at a university can be too expensive and time-consuming. And learning from an unaccredited career school may not deliver the value most expect. However, Delta College’s accredited career training programs offer a great alternative to both. They can deliver valuable experience, affordability, and completion in as little as 7.5 months! If you’re ready to make an investment in your future, call 985-250-3078 for our Slidell campus or visit our contact page to find the campus nearest you. When you know it’s time for a change, don’t put it off until tomorrow. Take steps toward your own professional success and reach out to Delta College today!