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Why Do Students Choose Career or Community Colleges?

When it’s time to decide which career path to take, the choice isn’t always easy. A path that may be perfect for one person may not be best for another. Each person is unique, and their backgrounds, passions, and career goals can be vastly different from one to the next. If you have recently finished high school, you may be facing a lot of pressure to enroll in a four-year university program. But is that really the right decision for you? It can be beneficial to explore your options before making such a large (and expensive) commitment. And, choosing a career or community college in Lafayette can offer plenty of advantages that may be closer to what you really want. Learn more about these advantages to see why community or career college might make the most sense after high school.

Program Completion Is Generally Much Faster

Depending on what you want to achieve and when, a four-year university program could actually hold you back. Some people may be content spending four years or longer before starting their careers after high school. But, if you want to start sooner, the wait before you can actually put your learning to use can be agonizing. And, worst of all, you may spend valuable time taking courses that have little or nothing to do with your chosen profession. 

For example, if you want to become a healthcare professional, you may need to take history or English literature courses. And, if you don’t excel in those courses, those poor grades can negatively impact your overall GPA! This system can hold back individuals who might otherwise succeed as healthcare professionals.

However, a community college curriculum cuts out much of the bloat in four-year programs, often reducing completion time by as much as two years. And, choosing a career college can reduce completion time even more than that! For example, Delta College’s Practical Nursing program can be completed in as little as 16 months. And our Medical Assistant and Dental Assistant programs can be completed in only 7.5 months. This means you could finish the program and potentially start a new career in much less time than you think! So, if you want a concentrated curriculum that can lead to a faster graduation, a career or community college in Lafayette could be the answer you’re looking for.

Affordability and Flexibility

Another advantage community and career colleges have over universities is that the cost to complete a program is generally much lower. This is due in part to the fact that community and career college programs take half as much time or less to finish. And, because universities are much larger and less focused in terms of what they offer, students end up footing the bill for several programs and services they may not want or need with higher tuition costs. Thankfully, because career and community colleges are more focused with fewer extravagances, it helps keep tuition costs lower. Additionally, Delta College’s Financial Aid staff can work with you to help you find grants, loans, and private programs that can provide even more financial support.

However, it’s a fact that many people need to work while going to school to pay the bills. And this often involves working during the day, when classes typically take place. Fortunately, Delta College also offers night classes to help students progress toward new careers at their own pace while maintaining their current jobs.

Would a Career or Community College in Lafayette Make the Most Sense for You?

Explore the possibilities of what a career or community college in Lafayette could do for your professional future. Remember, you have options, and they don’t have to include being saddled with four years of debt before you can even start your chosen career. If you would like to see whether career training from Delta College may be right for you, call our Lafayette campus at 337-326-4759. Also, be sure to take our 3-minute Career Training Readiness Quiz to find the program that might suit your skills and personal strengths the best. Take the next steps toward your future career today!