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100th LPN Class Entering Delta College

100 classes of practical nursing students have enrolled at Delta College. This is a big accomplishment for Delta College, but we’re most proud of all the lives we’ve helped change. People come to Delta College not because it’s convenient, but because we offer a solution to a problem they have. Students who attend our LPN class want to be involved in the nursing field or want to change their career. They do not want to attend a four-year institution.

100th LPN Class

Delta College is proud of this accomplishment. But, we’re most proud of all the lives that have been changed by our nursing schools in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Covington, and Slidell. This represents so many changed lives, so many careers made, so many people helped.

It is our goal at Delta College to help our students improve their lives. Starting a new career as a nurse is an exciting way to do that. The fact that 100 classes of nursing students have enrolled at Delta College since we started offering this program speaks to how many people have achieved their goals.

Why Delta College?

Delta College hasn’t been the choice of more than 100 classes of nursing students because it’s convenient, not chiefly. We’ve been chosen by so many students because we provide an environment where students can prepare for careers that exist today.

Delta College has convenient locations, small class sizes, committed instructors, a caring staff, and a track record of success. The affordable tuition and access to a financial aid staff can make school attainable for many students, even those who didn’t think they could afford career training.

Stepping Forward

So, what are your options? You can keep doing what you’ve been doing, of course. Or, you can change your life. You can take a step forward by training for a career that is well regarded in Louisiana and elsewhere. Whether you’re looking to become a nurse in Covington, Slidell, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, or elsewhere, Delta College can help.

So, what do you think? Do you want to be part of the next LPN class at Delta College? If so, click here.